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Protecting and Removing Local Virus Without Antivirus

It’s very irritating when we’re infected with those sick local viruses. There is no exact way to remove it, but there are some tricks for you all that I wanna share. With these tricks, you can remove most of local viruses (my experience). They are :

Attrib (MS DOS Command)

This command let us change the virus file attribute. The most common usage of this command is for this file : autorun.inf located on the root of a hard drive. Usage : attrib autorun.inf -h -s -r. Before you delete the autorun.inf, make sure you note down the virus file name and location.

Create A New User Account

Why create a new user account? This will help you accessing some tools like DOS, Regedit, MsConfig, etc. In the newly create account, you can delete the virus using.

Way To Find Virus Filename

- In MsConfig, look for weird startup program names.

- In the autorun.inf file, you might see the virus filename

- In startup folders

- In registry HKLM>Software>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Run; RunOnce; etc

- In registry (another location, I’ll post it once I found it :P )

Some Places To Look For the Virus

- In Startup Folder

- In Windows Folder

- In System Folder

- In System32 Folder

- In Root of Hard Drives


This application can open registry access for you


Turn off autoplay in Group Policy. In run, type gpedit.msc. In Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System Find an entry name “Turn Off Autoplay”, set it to enable. This setting will prevent autoplay from any removable disks inserted to you computer.

When inserting any removable disks, prevent double click on it drive letter. But you can use Explore menu to it. This will reduce some risk :D

Remember to show file extension for all file types. If you don’t know how, open Folder Option Menu on any windows explorer. In Tools > Folder Option, open View Tab and uncheck “Hide Extensions for known file types”

If your forgot to turn off autoplay, you can try to press and hold Shift Key while inserting removable disks. This also will prevent any autoplay.

Well I think these trick is enough for you to remove most of the local viruses. Thanks.

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