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CodeBreaker V 9.3 for PS2

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The best and ultimate cheat program for all PS2 games.

Do you have any old games that sit on the shelf because they are frustratingly complicated, or simply lost playability because you've done all you can with them? Well, if they happen to be PS2 games, take them down and let the Code Breaker from Pelican Accessories give them new life. The Code Breaker is just that, a device that alters a game's code, unlocking certain abilities such as invincibility, unlimited ammo, infinite time, hidden characters, invisibility, secret vehicles, and much, much more. On top of all this, the Code Breaker claims to be the most effective, most versatile and easiest to use cheat device on the market. We asked, "Is it?"
Most effective? So far, yes. All versions of the Code Breaker work with any PS2 console, regardless of built-in encryption protection. Most versatile? Again, yes. Not only does it come with twenty-three hundred pre-loaded codes for over eleven hundred games, but more codes can also be added and stored on any memory card. New codes are also posted daily at cmgsccc.com in conjunction with the release of new games. Plus, the Code Breaker accepts both GameShark and Action Replay 2 codes as well. Easiest to use? That depends. The entire Code Breaker package consists of one disk (no dongle), and the interface is pretty easy to navigate. However, new codes can't be stored without a memory card.
All in all the Code Breaker is a pretty impressive product. It makes good games great and great games better. It can even do something for the crappy ones.

Personal review:
I have myself used it for god of war and many other games.wonderful wonderful experience.now I can beat any game.There are a few points to remember.

1.This program or device as they call it will work on almost all ps2 consoles (moded or not both).
2.the program is to be burned on a cd since it is a cd image.use nero or what ever program u have.Hell u can use a cd-rw for that purpose.
3.Remember that Ps2 games are region specific. it means almost all games have a USA , a European and a Japanese versions.This program will only work for USA version games.But this is ,I guess shouldn’t be a problem since I get many USA version games here in Europe and Asia .Furthermore if u want a cheating device(program) for European versions ,find Actionreplaymax evo edition(it’s the latest).if u want a cheating device(program) for Japanese versions or Japanese Ps2 games, use Xploder .Mind u its Japanese language and latest version is version 5.happy hunting for those.

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