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Paypal Hacking Tricks Still Working!

The word “Paypal Trick” will not be such a weird word or something like alien for those who’ve been in the Black Hat major field for sometimes. Yes! The trick that can help you to buy anything just as cheap as US$0.1 or even cheaper by editing several HTML codes and value within the merchant’s sites.

For those who don’t really catch up with what I am talking about, I’m sorry, I can not and will not explain in details what’s on the earth is that “Paypal Trick”. But well, why don’t you try your luck on Uncle Google - Hopefully (And I believe so) you’ll be finding several articles about it, since this kind of trick(s) is actually quite public and patched nearly anywhere!

But guess what?! It’s kinda shocking that there are still some (In a quite huge numbers) of websites that is still vulnerable to this kind of attack - For example: GuitarMasterClass and PayLoadz!

What can we actually purchased from those websites?! Well, why don’t you spend a minute or two of your life to click on those links and try to find out what are they selling to each of their customers. I can say that those are useless things for me, but I would never says that those kind of materials useless for everyone - Guitarist wannabe for example, they will really love the first site I gave you up there. Lawl.

So, why don’t you go and try checking up on several more websites, and finds out how their websites taking care of this “Paypal Trick” matters. Wops! I don’t think that is a good sentence to be spoken here.

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