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[Video] Friendster Hacking - Evolution!

March 7th, 2008 by Th0R

Remember my videos back in my previous thread? Aha! If you’re one of those people who wish to see the rest of the videos which are listed in my book’s CD, welcome to the Friendster Hacking Video Evolution, Welcome home! Hahaha. This topic will gave you all download links related to my other videos on my book’s CD!

Just like before these videos are the ones which stored within the CD given along with the book when you purchase it. It’s kinda save for all of you guys to watch it (lawl) since it’s using a visual interaction in order to explain shits - With a little Indonesian and some scripts inside. I believe all of you guys will still understand what is the meaning of the techniques explained on the video.

Here are the links:

- Friendster Hacking 01

- Friendster Hacking 02

- Friendster Hacking 03

Note: The password for all of those links will be “PnR1eGllZm9ydGU8″ (With no quote)

For those Indonesian whose willing to know more about the Friendster Hacking techniques and updates, you guys can still purchase my book from every of the Gramedia Bookstore(s) in all over Indonesia. It’s quite easy to find, since the quantity of the book’s copies are large and they are mostly stored within the “Best Selling” rack.

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